Overunity Magnet Motor Plans And Also The Explanation Involving Over Unity

Published: 09th June 2010
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Building any over unity device employing overunity magnet motor plans. Over unity may be a key phrase for every unit that can produce more electrical power than it uses. The electricity output of the machine is higher than virtually any electricity input to run the unit. Nowadays, there is a large amount of fascination with the magnetic continuous motor and a lot of folks are finding this a worthwhile, inexpensive alternative to aid their own home power expenses with the help of a great collection of overunity magnet motor plans for developing a magnetic generator.

An over unity machine commonly has magnets fixed on the disk together with an additional set of magnets which can be in a predetermined layout on the base throughout the circumference depending on technical specs with the overunity magnet motor plans you're using. These types of magnets are set up so they really are alternately attracted and repulsed therefore spinning the actual disk with the permanent magnet qualities in the magnets.

Big oil Disapproves To "Overunity Magnet Motor Plans"

Seems a very simple science, and one may possibly speculate the reason why no one has looked into this in the past. Well, this has been regarded in the past, take into account, that no one but us, "free thinking people" would like a totally free energy source. Huge business and also govt wants you reliant upon them for each of our electrical power needs. After all, where might "these companies" end up being with out "us all" stuck directly into purchasing their consumable electric goods. The last thing they desire is a cost-free power source, unless of course, "they" regulate it.

Over Unity Magnetic Motor - How It Operates
In simple terms, this specific gadget operates by using a compilation of magnetic force fields that will be created from the magnets opposing North as well as South poles. You've probably held a couple magnets together in the course of your daily life. 1 side opposes another magnets, the opposite side attracts the other magnet.

Essentially, this is why a magnet motor operates to yield over unity perpetually, as a minimum for four hundred years, it is how long that your standard magnet can maintain it's over unity magnetic charge. By using a specific and step by step set of overunity magnet motor plans for constructing the continuous motor, the average do-it-yourselfers can easily accomplish the project in a weekend as well as be reducing their particular monthly electrical power bill simultaneously. Discover how I crafted my personal over unity magnetic generator with overunity magnet motor plans simply by hitting one of the links below...

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